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lunes, 30 de julio de 2012

Fans abandon Kristen Stewart by scandal

Fans abandon Kristen Stewart  by scandal

The first consequences of the actions of Kristen Stewart are emerging as a few hours ago is reported that a major U.S. fansite Twilight star has closed its site in clear position to abandon its support for the actress mentioned.

Site administrators have painful issued the following statement:

"Due to personal reasons, the current administrators KristenStewartDaily leave the site. It was an amazing ride and fun to be here providing news about Kristen Stewart. However, due to recent events and beliefs, we can not continue to be the administrators of this site and approve the actions taken by the actress. not Nonsten Robsten or drama. We, as administrators simply can not endure and tolerate someone who could cause so much distress not only to the person you love, but to another family. It would be hypocritical we continue to publish here as if everything was fine when our hearts do not support their actions.

You may be saying that we are not real fans for giving him back, but that's how we feel and we're being honest with ourselves. We hope things get better for all parties involved, but for now, say goodbye to this site. Sincerely, Karen, Karee and Angie ".

In other news, "Rob wants a man to man talk with Rupert to know exactly what happened between him and Kristen," according to a source of RadarOnline.

Despite the damning evidence, the father of Rupert, Michael Sanders, leaving aside the scandal. "From what I have understood nothing has happened and it is a lot of ado about nothing," said the father indifferent to the People Friday (July 27). "I guess it was something very soon." Mr. Sanders went on to say that marriage "definitely survive this."

Unusual: Her penis was stolen while he slept

Unusual: Her penis was stolen while he slept

An unusual event occurred in the town of Niqiao near the city of Wenling, in Zhejiang Province (China). A man, identified as Lin Fei, told police he had stolen his penis while he slept in his room.

"They put something over my head, pulled down my pants and then ran away. I was so surprised, I look between the legs had blood and my penis was gone, "said Lin, 41 years old.

The publisher The Huffington Post has been responsible for spreading the word, and according to the police in that country it would be men in the same village.

However, what nobody knew was that Lin Fei was an inveterate womanizer, so that men could have been organized aggrieved to punish him for having dishonored their wives.

Pamela Anderson was caught drunk

Pamela Anderson was caught drunk

The actress remembered for the series "Baywatch" had completely run makeup.

Mexico, Los Angeles and Miami are some of the places where he has seen the Playboy Playmate of the most euphoric as a result of excessive alcohol intake.

The last episode was recorded in the Trousdale lounge in Beverly Hills, where Pamela Anderson went to celebrate his return to reality "Dancing with the Stars" will return to screens on September 24 on ABC.

By early evening, it was possible to see the actress remembered series "Baywatch" but sexy in a white minidress but when he left the room he looked more than disastrous.


jueves, 26 de julio de 2012

A man put a lock on the vagina of his wife for four years.

A man put a lock on the vagina of his wife for four years.

Police have arrested india in the town of Indore (center) to a man who punched his wife's vagina and installed a padlock to prevent him being unfaithful, a police source said today.

Sohanlal Chauhan, a mechanic of 43 years, carried the keys to the padlock when he was arrested by police and confessed that he had been four years since his wife and opened the device every day to get home.

The crime came to light because the woman, Sita Chauhan, 38, was admitted to hospital after attempting suicide, and there he revealed what happened to those responsible for the center, told Efe the head of the local police station Shailendra Srivastav.

According to Srivastav, the mechanic drilled the vagina of his wife because he doubted his loyalty, after several women in his family had committed infidelity.

Each day, before going to work, Chauhan inserting the lock into two holes made with needles in the vaginal skin of his wife, and then kept the keys under the socks, to the newspaper "The Indian Express'.

Christina Aguilera looks totally unrecognizable without makeup

Christina Aguilera looks totally unrecognizable without makeup

The singer Christina Aguilera was spotted with her ​​boyfriend Matthew Türler in Los Angeles, however, looked unrecognizable. Dressed very sportingly and no makeup, Christina decided to wear sunglasses to avoid being bothered by the flashes.

Moreover, the photographs also showed that the judge of 'The Voice' has gained weight. Christina Aguilera and her boyfriend seemed to be comfortable with his departure.

It is recalled that Christina Aguilera is not afraid of being criticized for her weight, as it claims to be happy. She said recently that the only important thing in life is to have a boyfriend who loves and a healthy baby.

miércoles, 25 de julio de 2012

Kristen Stewart admitted that she cheated Robert Pattinson

Kristen Stewart admitted that she cheated Robert Pattinson.
Through a statement, the actress Kristen Stewart admitted being unfaithful to Robert Pattinson with director Rupert Sanders and said he regretted "deeply" the facts.

"I am deeply sorry for the pain and embarrassment I have caused to those close to me and I hit. This momentary indiscretion has jeopardized the most important thing in my life, the person I love and respect the most, Rob . I love him, love him, I'm sorry, "wrote Stewart in the letter released by the magazine People .

As recalled, "Us Weekly" published in its latest edition a photo that showed caring attitudes Stewart with director Rupert Sanders , director of "Snow White and the Hunter", the latest film star of "Twilight."

martes, 24 de julio de 2012

The Diet Secrets Celebrities try to Hide

The Diet Secrets Celebrities try to Hide
Whenever you watch the latest Hollywood Blockbuster, open a celebrity magazine or see the latest pop video, it is common for people to feel envious of the fantastic shape that many celebrities manage to maintain.
Even after having a child, or passing a certain age, many female stars still manage to look svelte. If you listen to some of these stars in interviews, they often claim to spend just a few hours in the gym, watch what they eat and take good care of their bodies doing activities such as yoga. However, many celebrities are actually using far more extreme methods of keeping in shape, and go to great lengths to hide how they maintain their figures. Many of these dieting methods are extremely bad for your health and should not be attempted by anybody, which is why many celebrities would rather you didn’t know about them.

Caffeine and cigarettes
It is rare to see a celebrity walking down the red carpet to a premiere holding a cigarette, but the truth is, many celebrities are chain smokers and rely on the appetite suppressing nature of cigarettes to keep them from piling on the pounds. Many guzzle coffee and caffeinated energy drinks by the gallon too.
Caffeine speeds up metabolism and prevents hunger. However, relying on such methods to prevent weight gain is certainly not doing their health any good. The effects of smoking are well known, and excessive caffeine intake has been linked to some cancers, affects sleep, raises blood pressure and can cause ulcers and other gastrointestinal problems. Furthermore, both caffeine and cigarettes are addictive.

When some celebrities have a public appearance to make, or are about to star in a new movie or pop video, they sometimes resort to starving themselves in the weeks leading up to the event. This can have drastic results. Some eat nothing at all and instead rely on unproven detoxifying cocktails, such as the “master cleanse.” This is a mixture of water, maple syrup, lemon juice and cayenne pepper, which is meant to cleanse the body and provide enough nutrients for the body to go without food, although there is no evidence it does either.

Beyoncé admitted to resorting to this drastic diet in an interview with Oprah, and managed to lose a stone and a half in the two weeks leading up to the filming of her movie, Dreamgirls. Other celebrities take even more drastic measures and drink nothing but water, but according to nutritional experts, they are not only damaging their long term health, but also are risking the chronic problems associated with starvation, such as organ failure.

Many celebrities rely heavily on supplements, such as multivitamins or protein shakes. Many of these supplements are excellent for your health. Grass fed whey protein, for instance, has many proven health benefits, such as possessing anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties, and many people now take them, including athletes and sportspeople. Multivitamins too, can ensure the body has no vitamin deficiencies and many people use them as a health supplement.

While these products have health benefits when used properly, some celebrities don’t use them as the manufacturers intend. Using whey protein and multivitamins are meant to supplement a normal, healthy diet. However, many celebrities are taking supplements in replacement of food. Some movie and pop stars have been known to drink two or three protein shakes and take a handful of vitamin pills each day, without a proper mean, and while they may lose lots of weight, their bodies are not getting the required amount of nutrients, which could mean they are risking the effects malnutrition.

Excessive exercise
Plenty of celebrities are not shy at a little hard work when it comes to keeping in shape. However, many spend so much time in the gym they are at risk of damaging their bodies. Some celebrities are truly gym junkies and spend up to five hours a day working out, with no rest days.
 Olympic athletes and professional sportspeople don’t train as much as this, even before big events. This type of obsessive behavior ends up doing more harm than good and these gym addicts are at risk of suffering problems such as arthritis, osteoporosis, a suppressed immune system, heart problems and fatigue.

Drugs and medicationBoth legal and illegal drugs are one some of the darker secret celebrities use as a means of losing weight and suppressing appetite. Some legal medicines taken by celebrities include amphetamine-based drugs, which are normally prescribed to control depression and attention deficit disorder. However, some celebrities have been known to take them purely for the appetite suppressive properties. While this may help them shed the pounds, they are taking a big risk with their general health. Laxatives too are sometimes abused by celebrities wanting to lose weight, which too can result in long-term health problems

jueves, 19 de julio de 2012

Differences between Forrest Gump the movie and the book.

Differences between Forrest Gump the movie and the book.

Forrest Gump, the famous film starring Tom Hanks and directed by Robert Zemeckis, is based on the novel of the same name by Winston Groom.

In addition to this curiosity, there are many more differences between the novel and film, to begin the Groom Gump is not so innocent, is much more abrasive and cynical:
  1.     There were no metal brackets in your legs or your mother had sex with the school principal.
  2.     Gump never marry Jenny in the book.
  3.     Forrest meets Lieutenant Dan in the hospital in Vietnam. In the novel, Lt. Dan is a professional soldier, but a teacher recruited. He has no desire to die in combat and his thought is that of a philosopher.
  4.     Bubba is white, and was with Forrest in the same football team.
  5.     Forrest shrimp fishing with a boat, but has a small farm with succeeding
  6.     It has many other adventures that are not mentioned in the film. During his trip to China, Mao rescues from drowning in the Yangtze River.
  7.     Become an astronaut and crashes on a jungle island in New Guinea with his crew. 

Study: The character of a woman depends on the size of her breasts

Study: The character of a woman depends on the size of her breasts

Although it seems from ripley, Italian sexologists believe that breast shape says more about the character of a woman that his zodiac sign.

They set the comparison based on shape and size with different fruits. Although they have not revealed the secret of his 'research', the results of this fruit cocktail are at least witty.

These are some of their findings: women with large breasts and round like a melon, seem to be good housewives, but in fact are not, like to eat well and be adored. However, these women are fairly quiet on sex. They are also adventurous.

The oval-shaped breasts are compared frequently with pineapples. The possession of this' juicy wealth "are intelligent, romantic and faithful. On the other hand tend to be quite successful in his career. The ladies with breasts are as talkative and sociable orange, but are less interested in sex.

The 'cherry women' are the most charming, cheerful and good host, but sex is not your strong point. The ladies 'breasts pear' are a real prize of the lottery in the bed. They are attracted by sex in all its forms. At the same time are romantic and can be religious.

Photos: The world's smallest girl stands only 54 centimeters

Photos: The world's smallest girl stands only 54 centimeters

Mischievous smile, Liang Xiaoxiao, age 3, would a normal child if not for his small stature, measuring only 54 centimeters and not likely to go to grow, becoming the youngest girl in the world.

At birth, weighing just over a kilo and measuring 33 centimeters. However, after three years, she has only won a kilo and a height of 54 centimeters.

Huaihua Chinese doctors do not know exactly how to call the child's disease, a rare kind of dwarfism, but agree that the girl lacks growth hormone due to a genetic mutation. Despite his small stature, she leads a normal life, she feels different and have fun with other children.

Photo: China Foto Press

Christian Serratos BLONDE Comic-Con 2012! Beauty

Christian Serratos BLONDE Comic-Con 2012! Beauty

Christian Serratos shines on the red carpet when it comes to Comic-Con International on Friday (July 13th) in San Diego, California.

"In San Diego!" Wrote Serratos before leaving for the famous event. "I just sit on the end of a train."

He also said, "I get to San Diego, I can not wait to start my night."

Last week, Twilight actress age 21, debuted her new blonde hair shining in the gala celebration of ESPN's Body Issue ', on Tuesday night (July 10), in the Belasco Theatre in Los Angeles where narrowed in a tight embrace with her co-star of Twilight, Edi Gathegi.

"There are many sides at all, and I wanted to show a different side of me. Appearances are so transitory, one can also play with them," said Christian exclusively to JJJ on the makeover.

Justin Bieber "Hot Legal" in Rolling Stone in August 2012

Justin Bieber "Hot Legal" in Rolling Stone in August 2012

Described by the owner Theme 'Hot Legal Ready', Justin Bieber graces the cover of August 2012 Rolling Stone. Excerpts:

On being older:
"I'm definitely more mature. I feel like I'm more of a manly way. Not see myself as a child."

On being romantic with your lady:
"I make sure to do the little things. How to tell when they come to the salon, or change of nail color. Also all the time saying things like, 'You're so beautiful', 'You're beautiful,' that type of thing. "

The manager Scooter Braun spoke about the relationship with Selena Gomez Justin:
"Personally, I think it's all a bunch of garbage. Yes, there will be girls that if they see him with a girlfriend, kills them sleep. But there are also girls who see it with a friend, heard about the romantic things he and they want it even more. "

Speaking of Selena, the couple was spotted today (July 19) on a visit to Children's Hospital in Auckland, New Zealand (or New Zealand). Photos below. 

Mozart name wasn't Amadeus, it was a Joke

Mozart name wasn't Amadeus, it was a Joke

His real name was Joannes Theophilus Mozart Wolfgangus Chrysostomus.

Whence comes, then, Amadeus? A Prussian prince was so impressed by the music of young composer who renamed Wolfgang Gottlieb (German word meaning "loved by God").

A Mozart seemed a kitsch, and scoffed at the story in letters to his friends: "Now you must call Wolfgang Amadeus" Latin translation of the Germanic word.

A cat has been the mayor of a town in Alaska for 15 years

A cat has been the mayor of a town in Alaska for 15 years

It was voted as a joke and he comes to the decade and a half in office.

The people literally did not find anyone better.

Bored with the usual quality and politicians had in recent years, a town in Alaska put a cat in the office of mayor. And the cat meets 15 years in that position, so honorable.

In Talkeetna, a commune in Alaska, was "Stubbs", a Manx cat breed, which was proposed as a joke for candidatearse in elections. But the issue went away and ended up winning the election.

Your contribution is not only symbolic, as their popularity has crossed borders and throughout the year attracting thousands of tourists to see the "Mayor Stubbs" where it always is: in the shop "Nagley's".


viernes, 13 de julio de 2012

Woman sues Justin Bieber for $ 9 million for severe damage to her hearing.

Woman sues Justin Bieber for $ 9 million for severe damage to her hearing.

Stacey Wilson Betts, a woman from Oregon, accused Justin Bieber of having caused severe and permanent damage to the ear, which has filed a lawsuit against the singer for $ 9 million.

Wilson had attended a concert of Justin Bieber with her daughter in 2010 in Portland, and during one of the acts of the singer suffered injuries in both ears.

According to the lawsuit, "Justin Bieber had risen in a gondola that ended up working as a conductor of sound. This created a shock wave that damaged his sense of hearing '.

Stacey Wilson Betts also argues that because of this incident suffered tinnitus (perceiving sounds where there are none) and hyperacusis (hypersensitivity to certain frequencies) in both ears.

Now the women of Oregon expects to receive $ 9'230'0000 as reparation, plus court costs, lawyers and others. No representative of Justin Bieber has spoken about it.

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