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jueves, 26 de julio de 2012

A man put a lock on the vagina of his wife for four years.

A man put a lock on the vagina of his wife for four years.

Police have arrested india in the town of Indore (center) to a man who punched his wife's vagina and installed a padlock to prevent him being unfaithful, a police source said today.

Sohanlal Chauhan, a mechanic of 43 years, carried the keys to the padlock when he was arrested by police and confessed that he had been four years since his wife and opened the device every day to get home.

The crime came to light because the woman, Sita Chauhan, 38, was admitted to hospital after attempting suicide, and there he revealed what happened to those responsible for the center, told Efe the head of the local police station Shailendra Srivastav.

According to Srivastav, the mechanic drilled the vagina of his wife because he doubted his loyalty, after several women in his family had committed infidelity.

Each day, before going to work, Chauhan inserting the lock into two holes made with needles in the vaginal skin of his wife, and then kept the keys under the socks, to the newspaper "The Indian Express'.

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