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lunes, 30 de julio de 2012

Fans abandon Kristen Stewart by scandal

Fans abandon Kristen Stewart  by scandal

The first consequences of the actions of Kristen Stewart are emerging as a few hours ago is reported that a major U.S. fansite Twilight star has closed its site in clear position to abandon its support for the actress mentioned.

Site administrators have painful issued the following statement:

"Due to personal reasons, the current administrators KristenStewartDaily leave the site. It was an amazing ride and fun to be here providing news about Kristen Stewart. However, due to recent events and beliefs, we can not continue to be the administrators of this site and approve the actions taken by the actress. not Nonsten Robsten or drama. We, as administrators simply can not endure and tolerate someone who could cause so much distress not only to the person you love, but to another family. It would be hypocritical we continue to publish here as if everything was fine when our hearts do not support their actions.

You may be saying that we are not real fans for giving him back, but that's how we feel and we're being honest with ourselves. We hope things get better for all parties involved, but for now, say goodbye to this site. Sincerely, Karen, Karee and Angie ".

In other news, "Rob wants a man to man talk with Rupert to know exactly what happened between him and Kristen," according to a source of RadarOnline.

Despite the damning evidence, the father of Rupert, Michael Sanders, leaving aside the scandal. "From what I have understood nothing has happened and it is a lot of ado about nothing," said the father indifferent to the People Friday (July 27). "I guess it was something very soon." Mr. Sanders went on to say that marriage "definitely survive this."

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