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jueves, 19 de julio de 2012

Study: The character of a woman depends on the size of her breasts

Study: The character of a woman depends on the size of her breasts

Although it seems from ripley, Italian sexologists believe that breast shape says more about the character of a woman that his zodiac sign.

They set the comparison based on shape and size with different fruits. Although they have not revealed the secret of his 'research', the results of this fruit cocktail are at least witty.

These are some of their findings: women with large breasts and round like a melon, seem to be good housewives, but in fact are not, like to eat well and be adored. However, these women are fairly quiet on sex. They are also adventurous.

The oval-shaped breasts are compared frequently with pineapples. The possession of this' juicy wealth "are intelligent, romantic and faithful. On the other hand tend to be quite successful in his career. The ladies with breasts are as talkative and sociable orange, but are less interested in sex.

The 'cherry women' are the most charming, cheerful and good host, but sex is not your strong point. The ladies 'breasts pear' are a real prize of the lottery in the bed. They are attracted by sex in all its forms. At the same time are romantic and can be religious.

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