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jueves, 30 de agosto de 2012

Korean breaks record on YouTube with 'The way of the horse' "Gangnam Style"

Korean breaks record on YouTube with 'The way of the horse'

His name is Park Jae Sang, aka PSY, and now is the star of the most watched video on Youtube year.

This unique Korean rapper made a clip called "Gangnam Style" and soon achieved over 63 million views (currently has overcome the barrier of 70 million).

With this number, PSY has defeated none other than Justin Bieber and his megahit on Youtube: "As Long as You Love Me".

The PSY video was uploaded on July 15 and quickly became viral by social networks. The secret of success is also due to the many celebrities such as Katy Perry, Robbie Williams and Britney Spears shared the video.

jueves, 23 de agosto de 2012

Semen cure depression in women according to Studies

Semen cure depression in women according to Studies

Study says contains antidepressant substances as cortisol, estrone and oxytocin.

According to some researchers the substances that make sperm may promote wellness. Scientists at the State University of New York found that women who have regular unprotected sex are less prone to depression.
Scientists came to this conclusion by comparing the sex lives of 293 women and mental health of these. After the study concluded that the seminal fluid has chemicals that elevate mood and contains at least three antidepressants.

Among women who had sex without protection regularly performed better on cognitive tests and were less prone to depression.

Semen contains substances that help the good mood, among which is cortisol, estrone and oxytocin, as the Daily Mail said.

Who is Nadezhda Tolokonnikova?, the leader of transgressive Pussy Riot

Who is Nadezhda Tolokonnikova?, the leader of transgressive Pussy Riot

The member of the now famous punk band has a controversial history of protests that challenge the customs of Russian society.

Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, leader of the punk band Pussy Riot.

She is the mother of a daughter of only four years, studying at the prestigious Moscow State University, one of a group of punk and other street art, and is also a political and social activist. All this only serves to describe a woman, Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, the leader of the group Pussy Riot , who is 22 and a history not as well known but very transgressor toward traditional conservative values ​​in Russian society.
Pussy Riot
Tolokonnikova, also wife of artist Pyotr Verzilov streets, who formed the group Voina, not only took a temple of the Russian Orthodox Church to dedicate 'a prayer punk' to Vladimir Putin . This young woman whose accusers believe is the leader and creator of the mischief of the Riot-not mind a few years ago revindicativa participate in an orgy in a Moscow museum. She did it with her husband Verzilov and her group members. They claimed (with this style transgressor) by choosing Dimitri Medvedev, the former Russian president who considered a puppet of Putin in the Kremlin. By then, Nadezhda had just turned 18 years old and pregnant.

This happened in 2008, long before it was made famous worldwide. Now, her big brown eyes and innocent face can be seen on all the front pages of newspapers worldwide, wearing the iconic blue polo with "will not" and causing reactions of nations calling for the release of the band, sentenced to 2 years.

With Voina (Russian word for war) protested in several ways. One of his most daring acts was to draw giant male sexual organ on a drawbridge facing a quarter of Russian intelligence services (FSB) in St. Petersburg.

In 2010 he led a protest against the felling of a forest in Khimki, on the outskirts of Moscow, and was handcuffed after facing security agents.

Another of his famous performances happened last year, where Tolokonnikova through the streets of several cities to surprise some 120 women police officers while trying to kiss the force, while the collective Voina the recording.

Her sex appeal has conquered himself Ukrainian Editor of the magazine "Playboy", who wished him speedy release and offered the centerfold of the magazine to appear nude. Witnesses have told the authorities that her two friends were detained "normal girls" before meeting, so consider Tolokonnikova Nadezhda is the 'devil genious' (evil genius) group.

martes, 21 de agosto de 2012

"Print of Paris Hilton as Virgin Mary" generates controversy on Twitter

"Print of Paris Hilton" generates controversy on Twitter

She returned to cause controversy. Paris Hilton sparked a controversy in all social networks after publishing her Twitter account a picture of how religious stamp.

The image, created by one of his fans, the shows like the Virgin Mary, accompanied by the phrase "Paris Hilton is my religion" ("Paris Hilton is my religion"), a fact that sparked criticism from many fans who felt hurt the susceptibilities denominational.

"That pic is amazing! Love it!" ("It's an amazing picture, I love"), put the blonde in his personal account . 

Why should we destroy the ATM ticket?

Why should we destroy the ATM ticket?

The computer security firm Kaspersky Lab explained why he must destroy the voucher that gives us the ATM, since let the sight of others can be very dangerous to the account holder.

As a printed receipt for each bank transaction appears to be held in the bank teller, the information in this document can be used by cyber criminals for fraudulent purposes, experts warn the company.

That ticket is often thrown in the trash bank where the teller and contains data transactions and the person who made them.

The bank information printed on the voucher can be conjugated to one obtained by other means and serve to monitor offenders in leading the user to provide your credit card details. According to the Russian company, could steal data or money posing as the bank.

If you do not want to keep the document before you throw it away break the proof is recommended to minimize the risk of falling into frauds.

lunes, 20 de agosto de 2012

Create Internet memes with

Create Internet memes with was a feature of Diaspora, the social network for some time thought dethrone Facebook, Diaspora unfortunately not very successful, but it seems that if you saw future so they decided to throw in an aside.

You see, now memes are the order of the day, not a week that does not surprise us with a new meme is that people are letting out all their creativity to create them. memes will help you create a simple, we will be able to choose a picture, upload it and make our own meme, we can also upload and animated gif to create a meme. We will be able to join our Facebook account or checking our email. The service has a marker that can be used to quickly create memes.
The service is a bit limited because you can not change the font, we will only be able to enter text from the image center. The good that we will be able to find great new memes created by others and to be a project from the creators of Diaspora has been talking a lot about it, so if it improves over time will have a good chance to be in the market memes that we have so much fun.


sábado, 18 de agosto de 2012

Matrix' Director Larry Wachowsi changed sex

'Matrix' Director  changed sex

Larry Wachowski is now female and calls himself Lana Wachowski.

"Hi, Lana," said Larry Wachowski in the presentation of her next film, Cloud Atlas, with his brother Andy and director Tom Tykwer.

Ten years ago the director of Matrix divorced his wife The Bloom.
The following year, a reporter from The Gothamist published an article asserting that Wachowski was in the process of "sex change".

Stallone Mom spends over $ 30k in surgery

Stallone Mom spends over $ 30k in surgery

Some also speculate that their lips were even more fleshy than usual.

It is also an actress and appeared in the premiere of The Expendables 2, the new film of his son Sylvester Stallone .

We refer to his mother Jackie Stallone, 90, who has shocked the world with this snapshot.
According to the media, reportedly spent more than $ 30 000 only in surgeries on his face, in recent years. Some also speculate that in this presentation lips were even more fleshy than usual.

jueves, 16 de agosto de 2012

Top 10: Best countries for being Gay

Top 10: Best countries for being Gay

After years of struggle, heated debates, disputes between liberal and conservative groups, these countries managed to enact laws that protect same-sex marriages.

What results and pretend to be gay marriage? For some societies, death, for others, imprisonment, and only ten countries, a civil right.

Surf pajamas presents you the list of the 10 countries that supported the government (and perhaps society) can marry a person of the same sex.


After 6 years of hard work, in 2001, Parliament recognized same-sex marriage as a right of men and women. According to government data, since the law came into force until 2005, 6,600 couples were married.

In 2005, during the government of Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, gave the green light to such marriage. No clutch, a large number of conservative groups opposed it, yet, in the first year of entry into force, 4500, gay couples were married.


From the January 30, 2003, this European country allowed homosexuals to marry. It also allows the adoption.

South Africa

As of 2006, enacted the Civil Union and South Africa became the first African country to allow marriage between same sex.

For 2 years, in 2010, the government of Anibal Cavaco Silva gives the law that so many gay and waiting in the Lusitanian country.


In 2005, was the first American country to recognize this right. Although in different regions of this country is allowed, finally managed to unify this year.

This country was in 2009 with the news. The law states that when two women get married and one of them becomes pregnant, both shall be entitled to maternity from conception.


The law had the support of the Catholic Church. In this country the priests also have permission to consummate such marriages. The law was enacted five months after Norway.


In 2000 was when this icy country legally accepted marriage between same sex.


This country is the only guarantee of this right regardless of immigration status and nationality. It was in 2010, after much debate and strong opposition from conservative groups that the law was enacted. After Canada, Argentina was the second country to allow such marriages.

There is a long list of countries that still do not allow gay marriage as a right. However, the law protects both partners, regardless of sexual preference, with the same rights as heterosexual couples. Some of these nations are: Mexico, United States, Germany, Andorra, Finland, France, Hungary, Colombia, Czech Republic, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Switzerland, Uruguay, Ecuador, Slovenia, Luxembourg, Brazil, etc..

Beyonce shows body in shape in Bikini

Beyonce shows body in shape in Bikini

The sexy American singer shared a photo of her holiday.

Through his Tumblr account, to interpreter of "Crazy in Love" shared pictures where she appears to enjoy her vacation.

And is that the artist is spending a few deserved days of rest next to her husband, Jay Z .

But that did not stop to share a sexy image with her fans around the world.


Woman has an orgasm every time she eats, meet Cabi Jones

Woman has an orgasm every time she eats, meet Cabi Jones

Cabi Jones is an American of 25 years suffering from a strange disease.

The doctors diagnosed this as a rare case of persistent genital arousal disorder, which generates orgasm without any sexual excitement.

She went through her first orgasm Dining in recent years of his adolescence, sipping an ice cream. Although this happened several years ago, Jones recalled that he loved the soft texture of ice cream on your tongue and that was the moment when he felt a tingling in the genital area.
"At that time the pressure increased until it suddenly spread all over my body. I was flashed and flushed, "he said, adding that even if stunned with what happened, he had no doubt that it was an orgasm.

While other women may have felt worried, Gabi took it with great ease to the point that he bought his own ice cream maker to enjoy his sublime orgasms when I feel like.

The only thing that went so well was that the 25 year old 94 kilos fatter over the past five years and now weighs 185 kilos.

domingo, 12 de agosto de 2012

Miley Cyrus: New super short haircut!

Miley Cyrus: New super short haircut!

Miley Cyrus took his twitter today to announce a total transformation, including a new (super-short!) Haircut.

She has been telling you all week, and today, day 0, we find out what was the countdown.

The photos are the twitter of Miles, who after publishing, she wrote:

"I never felt more myself, in my life ... Someone just told me I'm prettier than Miley Cyrus."

What do you think Miley's new haircut: COOL, MASO, STEP?

What say the buzz, is it for a new job?


viernes, 10 de agosto de 2012

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie wedding this weekend?

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie wedding this weekend?

Everyone is waiting to finally say "Yes", and it looks like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie can walk down the aisle this weekend.

According to a report, the property of Jolie-Pitt Chateau Miraval, in France, has been bustling with preparations for the event and guests are arriving from all over the world.

A source told press, "Brad flew to oversee the preparations, but all are here now. They say it's for Jane and Bill, but some think it could be the wedding. Even Angelina's private jewelry is here."

However, the deputy secretary of culture, Patrick Mareschi, says his office has not been informed of any wedding. "We know nothing about it. Under French law couples are married at City Hall. Unlike a church wedding, there is no way that a couple can hold a civil ceremony at home. "

Naomi Campbell becoming bald - Photos

Naomi Campbell becoming bald - Photos

With 42 years, Naomi Campbell is one of the most recognized models in the fashion industry. It is considered an ebony goddess, but is becoming increasingly bald.

The model was enjoying her days off in Ibiza, wheres he looked natural. The slender silhouette of Naomi Campbell is still intact, but has lost much of her hair, and is fully marked.

Naomi Campbell suffering from traction alopecia by the constant use of extensions. Various types of extensions used throughout her career as a model, and the damage done to her hair is irreparable. 

Naomi Campbell bald 1 214x300 

A Spider LIVES inside a woman's ear

A Spider LIVES inside a woman's ear

A spider was introduced into the ear of a woman and lived there for 5 days before doctors could remove it.

Ms. Lee came to Changsha Central Hospital in China on August 8, complaining that his ear itched.

When Dr. Liu Sheng examined found a spider in the ear canal of Ms. Lee. Apparently the spider was introduced while Lee slept.

Doctors threw a saline solution into the ear of Mrs. Lee, fearing that if they tried to remove with tongs or other equipment, this would slide deeper.

In X-rays taken in the ear of the woman can clearly see the spider. 

Spider in the ear of a woman

jueves, 9 de agosto de 2012

Rossee Megan The blonde who fell in love with Michael Phelps

Rossee Megan The blonde who fell in love with Michael Phelps

Rossee Megan is 25 years old. Is a model and aspiring actress, she met Phelps at a bar in Hollywood where she works as a bartender

Michael Phelps has it all: fame, health, youth, 22 Olympic medals and a beautiful girlfriend, who leaves for five months, according to the schedule of shows, E! News.

This news was confirmed by Rossee, who chose Twitter to unveil one of the best kept secrets by the athlete. In the social network up a picture in which you can see the aspiring actress with the swimmer and won six medals in London (four gold and two silver).

Coupled with the snapshot, the model also published two Tweets: "Michael Phelps probably miss this tweet from the others, but I can not write and I can not wait to spend real time with you. Kiss". In another message, Rossee called "bear", reported the site

Who is Megan Rossee ? The blonde of 25, perfect measurements and 1.75 meters tall, is an aspiring model and actress, working in the cocktail bar Block, located in Hollywood, where he met the top winner of medals in swimming history.

To learn more of your work, you can enter the site , where he offers to perform work as a model or performer. And he explains that does not pose nude.

Note that the shark has been characterized by Baltimore dating beautiful women and related entertainment and bars. For some time he was dating the former Miss California, Nicole Johnson , who finished in December 2011.

While in 2008, at the end of their participation in the Beijing Games, came out with Caroline Pal (pictured), a young woman serving drinks in a casino in Las Vegas.


What is the difference between the Olympics Games and the Olympics?

What is the difference between the Olympics Games and the Olympics?

Difference between Olympic Games and Olympics

It is very common in people confuse these two terms but are very different. First, the Olympics are sporting events involving athletes from around the world and in different disciplines. These Games are held every 4 years and its headquarters is changing. The Olympic Games are the closest London 2012, which are being developed these days.

Moreover, the Olympics is the name given to the 4 years between the Games Olpímpicos and others. Therefore, it is a mistake to refer to Olympic Games and Olympics as a single event.


Ashton Kucther and Mila Kunis: new lovebirds

Ashton Kucther and Mila Kunis: new lovebirds

Once again the rumors came true and this time on account of the relationship of the actors Ashton and Mila Kunis Kucther.

The brand new lovebirds, who had been partners in the television series 90 'That 70's Show', were seen this weekend holding hands at the airport in Bali, Indonesia, where they spent a romantic getaway and privacy.

The comments had increased after weeks in which they had been seen having dinner, taking motorcycle rides and parties of friends. They say that this, formerly of Ashton, Demi Moore, is devastated.


sábado, 4 de agosto de 2012

Michelle Obama shirt causes controversy

Michelle Obama shirt causes controversy

The First Lady of the United States wore a garment that is being criticized.

And happy is that the jacket will cost no more and no less than USD $ 6500 .

The "blouse" is the work of its designer collection J.Mendel 2013 and its high price, which is falling has been the subject of public scorn in his country.


The most beautiful girls in London 2012

The most beautiful girls in London 2012

The girls are not only great athletes, but will compete to integrate the podium of the prettiest in London 2012.

To show that not only a pretty face and a sculpted body, both Victoria Pendleton and Allyson Felix will try to defend the gold medals they won in Beijing 2008 . The English will cycle with rapid cycling in women's cycling, while the brunette will make the 4 x 400 meters relay for the United States.

We know that tennis is the discipline that calls for more beauties, like Argentina's Gisella Dulko. The blonde, married to the wheel of Rome, Fernando Gago, in fact the image of a leading brand of cosmetics, thanks to her blonde hair. For its part, Russia, unchallenged power by the quality and beauty of its athletes, has Maria Sharapova as the highest standard bearer, as the player holds the third place in the WTA rankings.

Curiously, the javelin also has two goddesses among its competitors. The beautiful Leryn Franco of Paraguay and the gorgeous Melanie Adams, who also represented Australia in pole vault. But is not the only flying goddess, Allison Stokke is the brunette who struggle to lead America as high as possible in a single bound.
Already in disciplines per team, there are a variety of stunning women. To love everyone, Alexandra Patricia Morgan is lead in the U.S. national team football and with his eyes hypnotizes the most hardened defender.
Holland, who is on the gold medal in field hockey and appeal to the natural gifts of Ellen Hoog to be the scorer of the tournament, which is not afraid to fight by throwing the ball on synthetic turf.
In volleyball, Italy has an advantage. The statuesque Francesca Piccinini is a lethal weapon with impressive 1.85 meters tall, which accompanies the enormous power of his arms when finish and block.

And Croatia is the country with which, according to many surveys, has the most beautiful woman in the Olympics. This is Antonia Misura, a celestial features lace only 22 years old. 

London 2012: Serena Williams sweeps Sharapova and takes the gold

London 2012: Serena Williams sweeps Sharapova and takes the gold

Tennis star Serena Williams was crowned champion at London 2012 Olympic tennis overwhelmingly defeating Maria Sharapova.

The Russian could not hold off a relentless Serena Williams, who won his two sets with relative ease with scores of 6-0 and 6-1.

With the win, Serena Williams finally won gold in the Olympics. The player said at some point I wanted this medal given to her sister Venus Williams had already received his.

VIDEO: soldier returned from Afghanistan disguised as Jedi to surprise his son

VIDEO: soldier returned from Afghanistan disguised as Jedi to surprise his son

The Air Force colonel from the United States , Rob Kiebler planned a reunion with his little singular 5 years.

The Air Force colonel from the United States , Rob Kiebler, had to leave his native Portland 14 months ago to travel to Afghanistan . He left behind his wife and young son Danny, who prepared for an incredible surprise for when he had to go home.

Kiebler and his wife, a die-hard fans "Star Wars" , did that little Danny wait in a restaurant his surprise, that was the appearance of several of the characters in the film until it suddenly appeared a Jedi Knight was nothing more and nothing less than his father, who had just arrived.

The tender video already has over 300 thousand views on YouTube.

viernes, 3 de agosto de 2012

Shakira and Pitbull "Get It Started" - Music Video

Shakira and Pitbull "Get It Started" - Music Video

Working together for some Latin flavored hip-hop, Pitbull, Shakira shine in the new video for their single "Get It Started". 

The rapper has the Colombian singer in his latest single from his new album Global Warming. Pitbull will be touring around the world after performing concerts in the United States later this month.

USA 'Dream team' overwhelmed 156 - 73 Nigeria and broke records in London 2012

USA'Dream team' overwhelmed 156 - 73 Nigeria and broke records in London 2012

The All-Star team defeated 156-73 and scored more points than any team in the history of the game.

United States, in a game for history, broke the Olympic record by scoring so mercilessly wipe out the weak Nigeria by a margin of 83 points (156-73) in London 2012 . The previous record was held by Brazil scoring with 138 points to Egypt in Seoul 1988.

Carmelo Anthony also won the best record entry for an American player in Olympic history with 37 points in less than 15 minutes on track.

This time the Olympic effect would not leave no space for air to its rival from the first second of the party and signed initial quarter and warned scandal of his intentions.

In the first half, with 25-10 on the scoreboard, USA placed in the field to the alternates. They did not lower the level and Kevin Love was asked to leave a distance of 25 above (41-16) before reaching the end of the first period. At half it was with a score of 78-45.

Those 78 points were also an Olympic record, according to confirmed sources of FIBA. The best previous mark was 72 that endorsed Brazil to China in Seoul 1988.

But the show did not stop there. Anthony , who saw the ring as a pool, reached 37 points on the board particularly in the middle of the third period.

United States showed no mercy and not content to beat the record of scoring in a game that came with a triple Andre Iguodala (139-68), but also to break the biggest advantage that won the 'Dream Team' of Barcelona 92. On that occasion won 68 points to Angola. This time it was 83.

Gabrielle Douglas, the 'Flying Squirrel' history-making gold in gymnastics

Gabrielle Douglas, the 'Flying Squirrel' history-making gold in gymnastics

This is the first African American to get an individual Olympic title in this discipline. An achievement that forged from age six

"It feels great! All the hard work and dedication paid off. I give all glory to God. I was not seeing the scores, just trying to do my routines as best he could. The U.S. has a very strong team and I think we can continue at the top for a long time, "said Gabrielle Douglas , who in her short 16 years is the first athlete of African descent which is proclaimed Olympic champion in artistic gymnastics individual competition.

In essence, the achievement of Douglas replied with a happy ending similar processes in the Olympic sport. Check daily to her older sister delivered to the gym germinated in the dark a passion since his first steps today has taken the podium.
Gabrielle Douglas
Hand of their parents at age six began her training in Virginia Beach, where she was born December 31, 1995. At six, Douglas was already clear that she wanted to be like her sister and seeking to emulate enrolled in a school to learn the discipline. Two years of practice brought her to become, still a child, a champion of his state.

In 2004, Gabrielle showed her great ability and because of that her family moved to the gymnast instructed by Master Liang Chow (U.S. coach Shawn Johnson, silver medalist in Beijing 2008 and the eventing world champion by teams in Tokyo-2011)

Six years later, the 'Flying Squirrel' was ready to debut in official competitions and so came to integrating the fantastic Olympic team on Tuesday her country was awarded the All Around 'by groups in London 2012 .

Yesterday started as favorite and did not disappoint. Instead, put the audience in one of cheers when she registered, after last year, scoring 62,232, which placed it in first position on the Russian Victoria Komova and Venezuelan  Jessica Lopez.

Americans demands death penalty for The Muppets

An American evangelical pastor asked the most severe penalty for nothing more and nothing less than the adorable Kermit and Miss Piggy, characters from The Muppets.

The reason? The pastor, Kevin Swanson, accusing both of promoting children "the path of sodomy" and gay marriage.

Swanson, on his radio program, said that people who engage in sodomy and support homosexuals should receive the death penalty using the example of these dolls. 


miércoles, 1 de agosto de 2012

Teenager sentenced to marry a cow for having sex with her

Teenager sentenced to marry a cow for having sex with her

The paradise island of Bali, a boy of 18 years was sentenced to marry a cow being caught holding sex with the animal.

It was a quiet afternoon in the beautiful Bali  when Ngurah Alit had the idea was to experience sex with a cow, was painfully caught at the time of the act. Young said the cow had seduced him, but the excuse was not valid for the Balinese authorities who condemned him to marry the animal.

The ceremony took place when Ngurah collapsed due to the great sorrow that overwhelmed him. To repair the injury, the young man was symbolically drowned at sea as a gesture of purification, while the cow was sacrificed himself.

Ngurah's mother started screaming hysterically when hundreds of people began to shoot his camera to get the best picture of the marital bond.

Sometimes the sentences imposed by the traditions are more severe than those erected by the laws of any government, as in Sudan, where a council of elders decided to punish a man who had sex with a goat, forcing him to marry her.
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