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miércoles, 1 de agosto de 2012

British Model destroyed her lips for collagen excess

British Model destroyed her lips for collagen excess

Laura, a young British woman, saw his lips swelled up to four times its size after applying a product be wrong. "All I could see in the mirror was a monster." At 27 years, Laura thought it would be "scarred for life" and that "could have died of an infection."

Laura has spent on plastic surgery over 76,000 euros since the age of 20 went for the first time under the knife. Teasing about appearance led her into the hands of doctors.

The young model working at an exhibition in London when other booth staff approached to sell a product that would improve the appearance of their lips.


Those were sticks in a few minutes and everything seemed very clean and safe, said in a statement to The Sun. "It was like I had been to the dentist and I had as an anesthetic."

The next day she woke up with swollen lips and went straight to hospital. Doctors could do nothing because they knew they had injected substance and the company that had bought the product just simply could not help because they had broken.

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