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lunes, 20 de agosto de 2012

Create Internet memes with

Create Internet memes with was a feature of Diaspora, the social network for some time thought dethrone Facebook, Diaspora unfortunately not very successful, but it seems that if you saw future so they decided to throw in an aside.

You see, now memes are the order of the day, not a week that does not surprise us with a new meme is that people are letting out all their creativity to create them. memes will help you create a simple, we will be able to choose a picture, upload it and make our own meme, we can also upload and animated gif to create a meme. We will be able to join our Facebook account or checking our email. The service has a marker that can be used to quickly create memes.
The service is a bit limited because you can not change the font, we will only be able to enter text from the image center. The good that we will be able to find great new memes created by others and to be a project from the creators of Diaspora has been talking a lot about it, so if it improves over time will have a good chance to be in the market memes that we have so much fun.


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