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viernes, 3 de agosto de 2012

Gabrielle Douglas, the 'Flying Squirrel' history-making gold in gymnastics

Gabrielle Douglas, the 'Flying Squirrel' history-making gold in gymnastics

This is the first African American to get an individual Olympic title in this discipline. An achievement that forged from age six

"It feels great! All the hard work and dedication paid off. I give all glory to God. I was not seeing the scores, just trying to do my routines as best he could. The U.S. has a very strong team and I think we can continue at the top for a long time, "said Gabrielle Douglas , who in her short 16 years is the first athlete of African descent which is proclaimed Olympic champion in artistic gymnastics individual competition.

In essence, the achievement of Douglas replied with a happy ending similar processes in the Olympic sport. Check daily to her older sister delivered to the gym germinated in the dark a passion since his first steps today has taken the podium.
Gabrielle Douglas
Hand of their parents at age six began her training in Virginia Beach, where she was born December 31, 1995. At six, Douglas was already clear that she wanted to be like her sister and seeking to emulate enrolled in a school to learn the discipline. Two years of practice brought her to become, still a child, a champion of his state.

In 2004, Gabrielle showed her great ability and because of that her family moved to the gymnast instructed by Master Liang Chow (U.S. coach Shawn Johnson, silver medalist in Beijing 2008 and the eventing world champion by teams in Tokyo-2011)

Six years later, the 'Flying Squirrel' was ready to debut in official competitions and so came to integrating the fantastic Olympic team on Tuesday her country was awarded the All Around 'by groups in London 2012 .

Yesterday started as favorite and did not disappoint. Instead, put the audience in one of cheers when she registered, after last year, scoring 62,232, which placed it in first position on the Russian Victoria Komova and Venezuelan  Jessica Lopez.

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