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miércoles, 1 de agosto de 2012

Kobe Bryant called 'pigsty' to London 2012

Kobe Bryant called 'pigsty' to London 2012

The NBA star said that they should be rewarded for the extra sacrifice made ​​in the Olympic Games .

The Los Angeles Lakers guard, Kobe Bryant , agreed with the opinion of other players like Ray Allen or Dwyane Wade, who earlier this year claimed a reward for players who are part of the Dream Team.

"We should charge for coming to this dump called London 2012 . We do this because we want, but I think you should consider some things, "Bryant said with contempt.

His words match the NBA's proposal to reduce to 23 the maximum age of Olympic representatives in basketball and conform to franchise owners.

"I'm not saying that we will not play if we are not paid, but I think many of us think alike about it (charge for coming to Olympics)," said Bryant.


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