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miércoles, 1 de agosto de 2012

Kristen Stewart: inside her Betrayal (PEOPLE)

Kristen Stewart: inside her Betrayal (PEOPLE)

Once again, People magazine is behind the magazine Us Weekly in its coverage of the scandal of the trap on Robert Pattinson Kristen Stewart. Us Weekly broke the story on Monday and about an hour later, published its own report confirming the same information.

This week, Us Weekly broke the news that Pattinson has not been seen in a week because he has been hiding in her friend's house, in particular, on the ranch of Reese Witherspoon. And now, some seven hours later, here's the People magazine confirms: Pattinson is hiding ... Witherspoon at the ranch.

The cover says: "The real story: In his treachery. Kristen, secrets and lies. His private confession to Rob, Rob's despair: drinking and ignoring his calls. Will you forgive?". The story says that, ultimately, he hides and does not take calls from Stewart after being caught (Stewart just told her boyfriend that cheated on her when she was caught by the tabloids).

Robert Pattinson, after learning that Kristen Stewart deceived her, asked her friend Reese Witherspoon if she could stay at his ranch in Ojai, California, beind coded report PEOPLE: "There was no sign that he was not happy either. He would have done anything for her. She had torn her heart ... Tell Robert was the worst thing she ever did. "

According to U.S. Weekly: "He's a total disaster ... It is challenging 'all'. The 'inconsolable' Kristen has been reaching out through texts and phone calls: 'She is dying to save the relationship. That's all who cares. Rob did not know what to do. 'Kristen confessed After all, a devastated Ron hid in the house of Reese Witherspoon, ignoring their calls. "


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