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miércoles, 1 de agosto de 2012

Selena Gomez Teen Vogue September 2012 -Complete

Selena Gomez Teen Vogue September 2012

Selena Gomez is a queen in jean jacket on the cover of September 2012 Teen Vogue. Excerpts:

On her love life: "It's fun. I have luck. I have 20 years. I do not take anything in my personal life too seriously. I have great friends and a solid group of people I love. I feel like everything else will so organic. "

About the music: "It will be different, a little more mature, but still fun. Who would die to work with ... but do not think he could - I think it's even more music-making is Justin Timberlake. Just because I love his music so much. "

On taking up challenges in the performance: "I say, 'I know I have not done a lot and take a chance on me is a risk because it's like, Oh, a girl from Disney. I just want you to know that hard work. I want to do things like this. "

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