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miércoles, 1 de agosto de 2012

Teenager sentenced to marry a cow for having sex with her

Teenager sentenced to marry a cow for having sex with her

The paradise island of Bali, a boy of 18 years was sentenced to marry a cow being caught holding sex with the animal.

It was a quiet afternoon in the beautiful Bali  when Ngurah Alit had the idea was to experience sex with a cow, was painfully caught at the time of the act. Young said the cow had seduced him, but the excuse was not valid for the Balinese authorities who condemned him to marry the animal.

The ceremony took place when Ngurah collapsed due to the great sorrow that overwhelmed him. To repair the injury, the young man was symbolically drowned at sea as a gesture of purification, while the cow was sacrificed himself.

Ngurah's mother started screaming hysterically when hundreds of people began to shoot his camera to get the best picture of the marital bond.

Sometimes the sentences imposed by the traditions are more severe than those erected by the laws of any government, as in Sudan, where a council of elders decided to punish a man who had sex with a goat, forcing him to marry her.

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