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miércoles, 1 de agosto de 2012

The 10 highest paid athletes for London 2012

The 10 highest paid athletes for London 2012

They are the 10 athletes, whose performance both on and off the court, has given great results

Although the Olympics are a showcase for those elite athletes of disciplines that are not merely professional or are not quite popular worldwide, this fair also brings together some of the renowned figures of this area.

In 2012 London will see many familiar faces, as there are several athletes we see competing in tournaments almost every week for their sport which will also be looking crowned with Olympic glory, rather than wanting to be awarded a cash prize, because they have money to spare.

1.LeBronJames. The recent NBA champion Miami Heat star and comes to the English capital to compete in her third Olympic Games and perhaps the last of his career. LeBron is credited with a bronze medal and a gold and now hopes to achieve the second.

Within the list of London 2012, "King" James is the highest paid athlete of all who compete in these Olympics, the Akron, Ohio, average annual income of $ 53 million, money derived from advertising revenue almost.

2. Roger Federer . Federer is one of the favorites to hang a gold medal in tennis at the individual level. For many years, Federer is on the first sites of highest paid athletes in the world, so it's no wonder you are on this count.

Among awards for each tournament and won Masters, as well as issues advertising, Roger wins every year approximately 52.7 million dollars.

3. Kobe Bryant. The forward and figure of the Lakers, despite its long history recognized and will be contesting only his second Olympics, just days before turning 34 years old .

Bryant, in addition to being the athlete who will be in London with the largest number of followers and Facebook fans around the world , is another who gets more admissions per year and is estimated to earn about 52.3 million dollars wage and advertising concepts.

4. Maria Sharapova. Although Russia is currently in third place in the WTA rankings , is another of the athletes who are pocketing huge amounts of money every year, thanks to his performance on clay with the racket ... And also for its beauty and image.

There are times when Sharapova makes more commercial and magazine covers to play tournaments and Grand Slams, this has made ​​entering your bank account about 27 annually. $ 9 million.

5. Kevin Durant. Player of Oklahoma City will play for the first time the Olympic Games, is passionate about both the challenge a few days ago said he hoped to become a reference of your equipment and be "the Messi of basketball" .

Durant is one of the darlings of the NBA and its annual revenues total about $ 25.5 million.

6. Carmelo Anthony. This is another of the figures of American staves and one of the veterans and more experience with regard Olympics , and he played the Athens 2004 and Beijing in 2008.

Anthony wins every year about 22.9 mln dollars, much of that money comes from sponsorship is with Nike.

7. Novak Djokovic . Two years now, Serbia has had a remarkable emergence in her tennis career, allowing him to win many tournaments and so lead for several weeks the top ten of the ATP.

Among awards and also for advertising and other revenues , Novak wins about 20.6 million each year, an amount that could increase even more if he can get the medal aurea.

8. Usain Bolt. The Jamaican is more than ready to be new king of the maximum in testing the 100 and 200 meter dash, testing queens of athletics, as it did four years ago.

The sprinter earns about $ 20.3 million a year , a sum made ​​up of prizes and advertising revenues, his image is highly profitable for the company that hires him as it is found that generates 70 times more than it earns .

9. Chris Paul . is another professional NBA player, who currently plays for the Los Angeles Clippers and was chosen to be part of the national team that will search for new account win the gold medal.

Whoever assists the leader of the U.S. team four years ago, has so many contracts and business commitments which is not surprising that a year between this and his salary is being carried about 19.2 million dollars.

10. Li Na. The Chinese player gained much popularity in the mid of last year, when he became the first Asian woman to win the Grand Slam title at Roland Garros.

This made ​​it referred to by many brands to make it one of its official logo, so advertising contracts began to rain down in torrents, which have generated annual net earnings of $ 18.4 million.

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