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sábado, 4 de agosto de 2012

The most beautiful girls in London 2012

The most beautiful girls in London 2012

The girls are not only great athletes, but will compete to integrate the podium of the prettiest in London 2012.

To show that not only a pretty face and a sculpted body, both Victoria Pendleton and Allyson Felix will try to defend the gold medals they won in Beijing 2008 . The English will cycle with rapid cycling in women's cycling, while the brunette will make the 4 x 400 meters relay for the United States.

We know that tennis is the discipline that calls for more beauties, like Argentina's Gisella Dulko. The blonde, married to the wheel of Rome, Fernando Gago, in fact the image of a leading brand of cosmetics, thanks to her blonde hair. For its part, Russia, unchallenged power by the quality and beauty of its athletes, has Maria Sharapova as the highest standard bearer, as the player holds the third place in the WTA rankings.

Curiously, the javelin also has two goddesses among its competitors. The beautiful Leryn Franco of Paraguay and the gorgeous Melanie Adams, who also represented Australia in pole vault. But is not the only flying goddess, Allison Stokke is the brunette who struggle to lead America as high as possible in a single bound.
Already in disciplines per team, there are a variety of stunning women. To love everyone, Alexandra Patricia Morgan is lead in the U.S. national team football and with his eyes hypnotizes the most hardened defender.
Holland, who is on the gold medal in field hockey and appeal to the natural gifts of Ellen Hoog to be the scorer of the tournament, which is not afraid to fight by throwing the ball on synthetic turf.
In volleyball, Italy has an advantage. The statuesque Francesca Piccinini is a lethal weapon with impressive 1.85 meters tall, which accompanies the enormous power of his arms when finish and block.

And Croatia is the country with which, according to many surveys, has the most beautiful woman in the Olympics. This is Antonia Misura, a celestial features lace only 22 years old. 

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