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jueves, 16 de agosto de 2012

Top 10: Best countries for being Gay

Top 10: Best countries for being Gay

After years of struggle, heated debates, disputes between liberal and conservative groups, these countries managed to enact laws that protect same-sex marriages.

What results and pretend to be gay marriage? For some societies, death, for others, imprisonment, and only ten countries, a civil right.

Surf pajamas presents you the list of the 10 countries that supported the government (and perhaps society) can marry a person of the same sex.


After 6 years of hard work, in 2001, Parliament recognized same-sex marriage as a right of men and women. According to government data, since the law came into force until 2005, 6,600 couples were married.

In 2005, during the government of Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, gave the green light to such marriage. No clutch, a large number of conservative groups opposed it, yet, in the first year of entry into force, 4500, gay couples were married.


From the January 30, 2003, this European country allowed homosexuals to marry. It also allows the adoption.

South Africa

As of 2006, enacted the Civil Union and South Africa became the first African country to allow marriage between same sex.

For 2 years, in 2010, the government of Anibal Cavaco Silva gives the law that so many gay and waiting in the Lusitanian country.


In 2005, was the first American country to recognize this right. Although in different regions of this country is allowed, finally managed to unify this year.

This country was in 2009 with the news. The law states that when two women get married and one of them becomes pregnant, both shall be entitled to maternity from conception.


The law had the support of the Catholic Church. In this country the priests also have permission to consummate such marriages. The law was enacted five months after Norway.


In 2000 was when this icy country legally accepted marriage between same sex.


This country is the only guarantee of this right regardless of immigration status and nationality. It was in 2010, after much debate and strong opposition from conservative groups that the law was enacted. After Canada, Argentina was the second country to allow such marriages.

There is a long list of countries that still do not allow gay marriage as a right. However, the law protects both partners, regardless of sexual preference, with the same rights as heterosexual couples. Some of these nations are: Mexico, United States, Germany, Andorra, Finland, France, Hungary, Colombia, Czech Republic, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Switzerland, Uruguay, Ecuador, Slovenia, Luxembourg, Brazil, etc..

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