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viernes, 3 de agosto de 2012

USA 'Dream team' overwhelmed 156 - 73 Nigeria and broke records in London 2012

USA'Dream team' overwhelmed 156 - 73 Nigeria and broke records in London 2012

The All-Star team defeated 156-73 and scored more points than any team in the history of the game.

United States, in a game for history, broke the Olympic record by scoring so mercilessly wipe out the weak Nigeria by a margin of 83 points (156-73) in London 2012 . The previous record was held by Brazil scoring with 138 points to Egypt in Seoul 1988.

Carmelo Anthony also won the best record entry for an American player in Olympic history with 37 points in less than 15 minutes on track.

This time the Olympic effect would not leave no space for air to its rival from the first second of the party and signed initial quarter and warned scandal of his intentions.

In the first half, with 25-10 on the scoreboard, USA placed in the field to the alternates. They did not lower the level and Kevin Love was asked to leave a distance of 25 above (41-16) before reaching the end of the first period. At half it was with a score of 78-45.

Those 78 points were also an Olympic record, according to confirmed sources of FIBA. The best previous mark was 72 that endorsed Brazil to China in Seoul 1988.

But the show did not stop there. Anthony , who saw the ring as a pool, reached 37 points on the board particularly in the middle of the third period.

United States showed no mercy and not content to beat the record of scoring in a game that came with a triple Andre Iguodala (139-68), but also to break the biggest advantage that won the 'Dream Team' of Barcelona 92. On that occasion won 68 points to Angola. This time it was 83.

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