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jueves, 23 de agosto de 2012

Who is Nadezhda Tolokonnikova?, the leader of transgressive Pussy Riot

Who is Nadezhda Tolokonnikova?, the leader of transgressive Pussy Riot

The member of the now famous punk band has a controversial history of protests that challenge the customs of Russian society.

Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, leader of the punk band Pussy Riot.

She is the mother of a daughter of only four years, studying at the prestigious Moscow State University, one of a group of punk and other street art, and is also a political and social activist. All this only serves to describe a woman, Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, the leader of the group Pussy Riot , who is 22 and a history not as well known but very transgressor toward traditional conservative values ​​in Russian society.
Pussy Riot
Tolokonnikova, also wife of artist Pyotr Verzilov streets, who formed the group Voina, not only took a temple of the Russian Orthodox Church to dedicate 'a prayer punk' to Vladimir Putin . This young woman whose accusers believe is the leader and creator of the mischief of the Riot-not mind a few years ago revindicativa participate in an orgy in a Moscow museum. She did it with her husband Verzilov and her group members. They claimed (with this style transgressor) by choosing Dimitri Medvedev, the former Russian president who considered a puppet of Putin in the Kremlin. By then, Nadezhda had just turned 18 years old and pregnant.

This happened in 2008, long before it was made famous worldwide. Now, her big brown eyes and innocent face can be seen on all the front pages of newspapers worldwide, wearing the iconic blue polo with "will not" and causing reactions of nations calling for the release of the band, sentenced to 2 years.

With Voina (Russian word for war) protested in several ways. One of his most daring acts was to draw giant male sexual organ on a drawbridge facing a quarter of Russian intelligence services (FSB) in St. Petersburg.

In 2010 he led a protest against the felling of a forest in Khimki, on the outskirts of Moscow, and was handcuffed after facing security agents.

Another of his famous performances happened last year, where Tolokonnikova through the streets of several cities to surprise some 120 women police officers while trying to kiss the force, while the collective Voina the recording.

Her sex appeal has conquered himself Ukrainian Editor of the magazine "Playboy", who wished him speedy release and offered the centerfold of the magazine to appear nude. Witnesses have told the authorities that her two friends were detained "normal girls" before meeting, so consider Tolokonnikova Nadezhda is the 'devil genious' (evil genius) group.

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