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jueves, 16 de agosto de 2012

Woman has an orgasm every time she eats, meet Cabi Jones

Woman has an orgasm every time she eats, meet Cabi Jones

Cabi Jones is an American of 25 years suffering from a strange disease.

The doctors diagnosed this as a rare case of persistent genital arousal disorder, which generates orgasm without any sexual excitement.

She went through her first orgasm Dining in recent years of his adolescence, sipping an ice cream. Although this happened several years ago, Jones recalled that he loved the soft texture of ice cream on your tongue and that was the moment when he felt a tingling in the genital area.
"At that time the pressure increased until it suddenly spread all over my body. I was flashed and flushed, "he said, adding that even if stunned with what happened, he had no doubt that it was an orgasm.

While other women may have felt worried, Gabi took it with great ease to the point that he bought his own ice cream maker to enjoy his sublime orgasms when I feel like.

The only thing that went so well was that the 25 year old 94 kilos fatter over the past five years and now weighs 185 kilos.

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