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lunes, 1 de octubre de 2012

Chinese zoo created only for indigent

Chinese zoo created only for indigent

They put in cages to beggars to not disturb the duration of the religious festival of Nanchang.

NANCHANG. - The makers of a religious festival in China found nothing better than locking up poor in metal cages to not bother the visitors, but more surprising is that the move works tiquitaca grabbed flight.

Choreados that harass pobletes asking attendees and meal ticket, festival officials Nanchang gave an ultimatum to the beggars or stay inside the cages during the holiday or be expelled from the city.
Zoológico para indigentes
In fact, one of the cumpas who implemented this unusual step said "beggars are very comfortable in the cage." He added: "Visitors are given food, water and even money. For them it is much better to be in the cages in the busy streets. And when they get tired, they can retire and leave town."

Obviously that was not the case piola in China where human rights activists questioned the treatment given to these people: "should not be allowed to enclose them in this way. Humans are (...) They treat the poor zoo animals. What will you do next? Tricks and thanks for feedings? This is nothing more than public humiliation ", criticized.

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