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jueves, 4 de octubre de 2012

How real are the psychedelic trips with banana peel?

How real are the psychedelic trips with banana peel?

45 years ago, hippies claimed hallucinogenic powers of the banana peel, today, those seeking these experiences are still testing it, but its effects are real?

Have you ever heard that you can have a psychedelic trip with a banana peel?

This practice has its origins in the United States and Canada. A late 60's, urban legends claimed that foodstuffs such as fruits and vegetables, had properties which resulted in amazing cosmic-psychedelic experiences. Soon these legends spread throughout the United States. According to the testimonies of young hippies who liked to experience new sensory experiences, separate, cook and dry the banana peel allowed to create a chemical called "bananadine," which promised amazing travel comparable to those of LSD.
In 1967, the Berkeley Barb, a countercultural newspaper, published a recipe to make a batch of bananas in a powerful hallucinogen. Thus further expanded called "gospel of the banana".

The need for cheap drugs and rumors of the power of this shell made of a famous chemist bananadine all hippies back then wanted to try.

Several recipes for preparation began to emerge across the United States and Canada, including The Anarchist Cookbook highlights, a cookbook that showed, in addition to production of bananadine, purififcar procedures and use LSD, psilocybin and peyote. The inclusion of a strange recipe for banana peels added more credibility to this practice.

It may be funny and unbelievable a recipe for creating a hallucinogen made from bananas. However, those who claimed to be effective, they said bananadine were necessary to produce 15 to 20 pounds of bananas, specifically the white layer that lines the inside of the shell.
Most compounds were then added to the original recipe, such as alcohol and dichloromethane to obtain crystals bananadine. However, mere mixture of these two compounds were sufficient to create the effect hallucinogen.

As expected, the government began to take aim at the practice. Researchers at the University of New York began analyzing the shells to determine whether they were true or not the properties attributed to them. The results showed that all this paraphernalia was totally false and, moreover, all the stimulatory effects of smoking any fruit peel were caused by a placebo effect.
Today, this practice still exists, only with elements of our time, including the microwave, which is used to accelerate the drying process; another recipe offers peanuts add crunch to consume orally banana extract.

To all this, the banana peel does have properties proven by science: reduce the size of the prostate gland in mice, according to a study in 2009.

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