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jueves, 11 de octubre de 2012

Justin Bieber stolen picture and videos

Justin Bieber stolen picture and videos

After a bad start to his tour "Believe", Justin Bieber has hit another hurdle in the American phase of his tour.

On Wednesday (October 10), expressed some serious disappointment Biebs via Twitter, after his belongings were stolen, "Yesterday, during the show, me and my tour manager, Josh, have stolen some things. [R] ealmente annoying. Individuals should respect the property of others. "

According to a later post, the singer of "As Long As You Love Me" has lost both his laptop and camera after a concert in Washington on Tuesday. "I had a lot of personal pictures on that computer and the camera, and that's what bothers me. # lame # norespect ".
As previously reported, this was not the first bump in Justin's tour. Back in September, Bieber was performing in Arizona, when suddenly vomited on stage.

+ + JB personal videos below ...

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