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lunes, 1 de octubre de 2012

Young Russian triumphs on the catwalks as a female model (PHOTOS)

Young Russian triumphs on the catwalks as a female model (PHOTOS)

The 16-year-old Russian has impressed Fedyanin Stanyslas on runways female: her androgynous figure of refined features, makes it perfect for a world where all that matters is the form of matter.

In a sense the world of fashion and the runway is one based on the notion of measurement. As if nothing else mattered, success in this closed universe on their own rules is achieved when certain conditions are met, most clearly materials that reduce the body and even the personality of a component within a broader algorithm.
If this is true, there are peculiarities of the human being who could filed down to get the desired result (as indeed it does) and, therefore, does it really matter who is on top of the gateway is male or female? Maybe not, maybe the only thing that matters is meeting the standards.
From this perspective it could be understood why a man has triumphed in the female parades, a Russian teenager so refined features that just a little makeup to make it look like a woman perfectly suited for displays of haute couture.
Stanyslas Fedyanin, 16, a native of Moscow, measures 1.80 meters and weighs only 45 kilograms, has gained notoriety in recent months by the rising amount recognition for her modeling career, to the extent that many see it as an imminent successor Andrej Pejic, the "king of androgyny" also likes to pose as a woman and that at some point even was included among the "Sexiest Women" magazine FHM .
Stanyslas Fedyanin with his girlfriend.

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